*Disclaimer this blog is meant to be informal. You will find things that are incomplete and grammers mistakes here and there.

This blog is made to crowdsource individuals who has a interests in game development in Singapore.

-A places where game making hobbyist gathers.

-Those who is knew how to make a game but have little success in creating one.

-Studied game development as a hobby but major in other field or working full time job in other industries.

Purpose of this Crowdsouring activity 

In Singapore where the game industry is small, you must either be extremely talented or willing to pay huge money go to school like digipen to get your dream job. Even with a degree in digipen won’t guarantee you a job in the game industry as these job is scarce. Even with a job you won’t be creating the games you like.

One option of persuading your dream to creating your own game is to become an indie developer, where you work alone or in small groups. The other alternative will be to create your own startup. However both methods takes a lots of hardwork and the rate of failure is extremely high.

To top off these challenges i mentioned. Families may not be supportive and you will be facing constant peer pressure from friends of your same age. I believed that is why there is few people being serious in making game and why there aren’t many popular game title in Singapore.

I want to make game even if it means no money for me. I am inexperience and lacking in lots of areas to consider myself a indie developer. If you are in the same situation as me, i would like to to meet up with you. Together we can work something out to meet our individuals goals.



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