Why start a crowdsourding campaign ?

Refer to About Us Page…

What will the group be like? 

My vision of the group is somewhat like a community based open source project

Forming a group of 10-20 people with college-level knowledge on game development with the or without the experiences to make small profitable games. It means a group of hobbyist/ wannabe/ fan-based/ non-professionals creating games they love.  

Since its similar to open source project, contribution to the cause/project is voluntary. The time and effort invested is up to individual. 

It may takes years of learning and planning and hopefully the group could take off to become a startup in the future.

What the group will be doing?

As of current stage there is no projects planned, no design document, nothing set in stone just yet its like a blank piece of paper. However i do have game ideas and know enough to get the group started.

Right now , It will just be meetup and sharing sessions to see each others strength and weakness. From there we can determine which area you are interested in and comfortable to contribute. 

Since the group will be made up of armatures. We may have to learn the whole game development process by working on small projects. In general we will be do a lot of self studying on the area we are interested until we have enough people and the skills to start on a projects. 

What kind of games are you making?

Refer to Game Page to see games ideas(for references) that i think are rare in the market.

  •  I think it is important to make games that all/most of the members like to play and  agreed to make.
  •  I would stay away from the type of games that existed and games that is populating  the market.
  • Graphic will most like be Anime style /SD characters
  • Genre will mainly be Sci -fi and RPG
  • Games targeting mainly for children and suitable for all ages
  • Possible platform Andriod/ IOS / PC / Web browser. 
  • If speed and simplicity is the choice i would choose to do 3D games as its easy to do model animation and building terrains in game engines can be done with ease. I will prefer 2D because of its uniqueness and lesser competition.  

What do you mean by startup?

Don’t get intimidated by the word if you are just a hobbyist who simply wanted to join this community make game for fun. 

If a group of hobbyist became very good at what they are doing what does it takes to bring it a higher level ? 

When we reached that stage a startup would be obvious. Then we can start to do crowdfunding on kickstarter.etc. Hey ! Seriously there is no point in over thinking at this point of time.

The people i am looking for ?

-Singaporean Only

-Financial independence.

-Don’t need excellent communication skill


-Don’t necessary need to be a expert in drawing,writing or programming at present to join.

-Must have good knowledge in game development. (Eg through self studying, taken short courses.etc).

-Introvert (optional). I’m a introvert myself looking forward to meeting with people who is the same as me.

-Patience. Since the project will be ongoing for no idea how long.


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